Friday, December 28, 2012

Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

Being mostly vegetarian and having a lot of vegetarian friends, I have been to a lot of vegetarian restaurants, but not nearly as many as I would like.  Here's where I have been:

  • Cafe Blossom (UWS)
  • Cafe Blossom (Carmine St)
  • Candle Cafe West
  • Quantum Leap 
  • Gobo
  • Red Bamboo
  • Hangawi 
  • Pongal
  • Tiffin Wallah
  • Saravana Bhavan

The three latter ones are vegetarian Indian Places in Curry Hill (Murray Hill), but Saravana Bhavan also has a location on the upper west side.  The food at these indian places is usually quite good, but the service is usually lacking.  Why is the service inversely proportional to the food at an Indian restaurant?  The food at Saravana Bhavan might be a little bit too spicy for me, so therefore I am labelling Tiffin Wallah as my favorite!  I have eaten most frequently at Pongal, but I have had both good and bad experiences here.  Sometimes their dosas are amazingly crispy, sometimes they are soggy, but usually the food is pretty good.  

Hangawi is quite pricey, but I enjoyed it, so I will probably go back once more.  (Only once more, because I am not sure my wallet can handle more than once.)  The Blossom restaurants are good, as well as Candle Cafe, but not amazing.  I also enjoyed Gobo quite a bit; more so than Blossom and Candle.  These will definitely warrant future trips.  I think I wrote previously about how I was disappointed with Quantum Leap and will not be going back.  I probably won't go back to Red Bamboo either.  It was just okay in my mind -- my dish was less than stellar (a stir fry dish with seitan), though my friends dish was really quite good.  She got an eggplant parmesan sandwich with vegan cheese, so if you go there, order that!  

Here is where I am itching to go!
  • Dirt Candy
  • Angelica's Kitchen
  • Lan Cafe
  • Hummus Place
  • Sacred Chow
I am most looking forward to eating at Dirt Candy.  I have reservations there on Jan 22, which I made in early December!  Can you believe it!  It better be amazing with all this anticipation!

Let me know if I am missing any of your favorites!

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